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You know your business. We know the fundamentals of B2B incentive engagement.

For decades, our expert team has designed winning program structure, reward and customer service strategies backed by data and analytics best-practices, all supported by advanced and innovative technologies. Depend on us to improve the discretionary performance of your internal or independent sales force, distributors, dealers and other multi-channel partners with the ultimate goal of achieving lasting brand loyalty.


We understand that one size does not fit all. Meridian Loyalty helps solve the complexities of B2B ecommerce, delivering a unique experience with enterprise-level capabilities, native functionality and a flexible integration architecture to ensure a powerful, one-stop commerce solution designed to scale with the growth of any size business.

Whether you are an ecommerce retailer looking to add B2B features or an existing distributor wanting to improve your processes, Meridian Loyalty can provide the solution you need because we have powerful features with advanced settings that give you more options to fit your business model.



For over four decades, Meridian Loyalty has demonstrated how our dedicated Group Travel team provides services in the most creative and personal way. From the glitter of New York City, to the exciting race tracks of Monte Carlo to the wild bush of South Africa, we have managed an incredible variety of domestic and international trip operations. Our experienced team will deliver an experience molded to your needs, and our destination expertise will transform your vision into an amazing trip that attendees will associate positively with your brand – and talk about for a lifetime!



You want your participants to commit themselves, engage fully and improve their performance in response to your incentive program. We want that too, which is why we design and customize impressive selections of popular brand-name merchandise, e-gift cards, experiential rewards and individual travel options to inspire the behaviors necessary for you to attain positive program results. In addition to a great awards mix, participants also expect ease in ordering and reliable fulfillment. We agree, and after years of providing exactly that for many satisfied clients, we have the proven expertise to curate and fulfill a targeted award offering that motivates and drives loyalty to your brand.


Our inbound and outbound customer service agents are committed to courteous and professional customer interaction. Based on your needs, they are trained on the details of your program and products to respond to customers in an engaging way that brings customer service issues to an effective resolution. Our diverse team can handle calls in English, Spanish or French and our services are used in a number of ways, including:

  • General client support
  • Direct sales through ecommerce sites
  • Help desk
  • Dealer locators
  • Specialized call centers


Build a powerful connection to your brand with marketing strategies that reflect your corporate and program objectives, whether calling a participant to action, engaging a channel partner or reinforcing corporate goals to an internal sales force. Our marketing team designs, delivers and measures campaigns that drive success, leveraging the most appropriate media for the situation. An examination of your audience and corporate objectives will result in recommendations using the best creative mix of program website, digital messaging, social media, inbound or outbound telemarketing, print pieces, event marketing or other elements based on your needs.


We leverage strategic insights gained from program and other available client data, channel partner preferences and analytics to encourage engagement and action in real time. Beyond our targeted program planning, clients benefit from our advanced toolset and expertise in recommending better business decisions and achieving an improved competitive advantage.