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CASE STUDY THREE ECOMMERCE Solution Merchant of Record Application

Integrated renewable products company


A renewable products company providing sustainable alternatives to petroleum-sourced products developed a plant-derived cosmetic product. They looked to Meridian Loyalty to provide Merchant of Record Services for the launch of a new online store. This client had no experience selling online and looked to us to handle all complexities of payment processing and sales tax remittance.

The client partnered with a leading e-commerce platform in an effort to create an online storefront to empower and inform, so customers could trust that what they were putting on their face was safe, as well as to educate customers about the ingredients of the product.


Working in close collaboration with client stakeholders, Meridian Loyalty’s platform implementation team launched the new site on our hosted ecommerce platform in less than six months. The implementation phase included:

  • Web design of the site’s home page, catalog pages, product pages, shopping cart/checkout pages and support pages
  • Creation of a flexible hierarchy of online sales channels to support the client’s effort to market and sell directly to specific customer segments outside of the general public
  • Systems integration with multiple internal client systems, including inventory and warehousing, product database and SAP ERP
  • Systems integration with over a dozen external vendors used by the client to support its marketing efforts, including email marketing, social media, affiliate network sales and web analytics
  • Data migration and cleansing of legacy system data
  • Configuration of the Meridian Loyalty hosted ecommerce platform to support internal client business rules and processes
  • User training on our platform, including the channel segmentation module, marketing and promotional modules, content management capabilities and reporting engine
  • Extensive product training for our customer care team to ensure they could competently answer customer inquiries about client products

This team also used Meridian Loyalty’s own order management system that is pre-integrated within its hosted ecommerce platform As evidence of the client’s confidence in the abilities of our customer care team, the new site was launched just prior to the peak holiday shopping season.


Conversion rates and abandonment rates have greatly improved since the client started working with Meridian Loyalty. In addition, by using our real-time fraud detection system, the number of orders requiring a manual review by a customer service agent has been dramatically reduced, which translates into much quicker turnaround for the processing and fulfillment of all orders.

The client has achieved its desired goals around system stability and uptime by using our hosted ecommerce platform. System uptime averages over 99.9%, even during the busy holiday shopping season. In fact, no downtime occurred at all during this period.

The client has been able to aggressively pursue its strategy of marketing and selling directly to specific customer segments outside of the general public. Using our sales channel segmentation module within its platform, the client has established hundreds of online sales channels.

Significant cost savings were realized using Meridian Loyalty as the end-to-end ecommerce solutions provider. Moving from a licensed software solution to our hosted solution eliminated hosting fees, maintenance contracts, upgrade fees, and other costs associated with the client’s previous solution.

The client has also significantly reduced the need for internal IT resources to support its online sales channel. Its core ecommerce/web team can now focus on sales, merchandising and marketing support without the distractions of maintaining a separate software application.