Since our company’s founding, we have placed a high value on technical solutions, investing heavily in systems and applications that are leading edge, robust, scalable and practical. However, we believe technology is only useful when it helps solve real-life problems, encourages engagement and drives an acceptable business return. That’s why we take a human-centered approach to technical design, viewing opportunities through the lens of our clients and their customers to ensure the technology we deliver goes beyond merely technical.


We thrive on challenges and approach them with an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on solutions that add value and launch quickly. With an IT culture that encourages high-value priority setting and a bias for action, we design and implement new products and enhancements for the benefit of our clients and their customers, channel partners and employees. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on.

BankrTM, our recently launched accrual rules engine and point bank with extensive earn and bonus capabilities, tiering and point expiration is used to support point-based loyalty and incentive programs, allowing interconnectivity with third-party integration services.

To meet the growing demand for responsive program sites, we created WhereverWeb®, a mobile-first web builder tool that provides a configurable, white label site solution with flexible content options, a robust set of functionality and ability to accommodate client-specific customization.

EncorTM, the new foundation for our in-house technology ecosystem, is in development and coming soon.


Meridian Loyalty serves as hosting services provider which allows internet access and allots secure server space for your program website. Our state-of-the-art IT environment is maintained through regular review and updates to the data access, application and presentation layers of our architecture. The benefits of this to you are speed, volume, stability and capacity for growth.


We provide 24/7 surveillance and data center security including our physical building, interior server location, data storage and access methods.

To ensure a trusted, secure environment, we maintain strict compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. We currently maintain PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 and SSAE-18 (formerly SSAE-16) compliance.

Data management practices include redundant storage, daily backups and retention of data based on client need.